Laser welding of glasses


In view of the fact that pure titanium, titanium alloy and other special metals cannot be welded by common methods, and people's universal love for beauty requires that the mirror frame be damaged as little as possible after welding, and the solder joint is beautiful. We provide laser welding service for glasses, which can precisely weld all metal frames of pure titanium, titanium alloy, K-gold, Baojin, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, especially for sunglasses, The welding effect is also quite satisfactory!

Marking of titanium frame:

About 95% of the domestic frames have the marks in the table above, while about 5% of the frames without titanium marks are actually pure titanium or titanium alloy (although the frames from abroad do not have the mark of titanium metal, they may be pure titanium or titanium alloy)! There are about 3% false frames, which are actually stainless steel, although they are marked with titanium! (link: don't doubt it! The salesmen in the glasses shop depend on swindle, he may not know better than you

General welding:

After ordinary welding repair, the coating near the solder joint, including the front, back, top and bottom, is about 20 ~ 30mm, and the coating will be damaged, and the color will become dark, gray, black and lose luster.

Laser welding:

The damage of laser welding on the coating is relatively small, generally about 0.1-8.0 mm near the solder joint. Due to the protection of argon, there will be no blackening (99.9% of the mirror frame will not be blackened, very individual, about 0.1% may be blackened), gray and other phenomena, and the aesthetic degree will be better. Of course, the damage to the coating is there, the pursuit of perfection, you can also consider electroplating!

There are 12 kinds of electroplating paint in our shop: Jin Xuan bright white, charming purple, ice blue, gem green, amber brown, electroplated rose red, Tiffany blue, turmeric gold, high gloss pink, champagne orange, metallic silver, sapphire blue. Metal silver is close to the background color of metal, the effect is relatively good! Other colors are not very satisfactory!

The cost is very low because there are professionals to color the frames and mass produce them. Moreover, they color them after welding! When repairing, it is difficult to guarantee that there are all kinds of colors. It is impossible to make up all colors! In addition, on the basis of the existing color, there is also a color difference problem, so local repair paint defects are inevitable! Hope to understand!

About price:

For pure titanium, titanium alloy, aluminum, copper, stainless steel frames, 150 yuan for each solder joint, 550 yuan for K gold and 230 yuan for gold package, accumulated by position.


General welding: poor aesthetics, low price, pure titanium, titanium alloy frame can not be welded;

Laser welding: beautiful, expensive, any material frame can be welded.

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